Beta Coming Soon!

This is an exciting time for us at Megalodon Games as Flying Satoshi will enter open beta on Friday, February 12th 2015 at 6:00pm PST. Currently we have 3 tournament rooms setup with  capacity of 100 players per room. Tournament entry fee for the rooms are 2,000, 10,000 and 20,000 Flying Satoshi coins. The bigger the entry fee, the larger the Bitcoin prize. For perspective, you can buy 20,000 Flying Satoshi coins for .01 BTC, with up to 20% extra on the largest Flying Satoshi package.

To kick off our open beta, we will be automatically transferring 2,000 Flying Satoshi coins to the first 100 beta users that are eligible for tournament play.

You may be wondering, why release as a beta, is this game buggy? We have been extensively testing our Bitcoin payment system and tournament play for months now and we are very confident in the current game system. What we are planning to test is room capacity, server load and also the idea of increasing the number of tournament rooms.

If you run across a bug or have a suggestion, send us an email at along with a screenshot.