Flying Satoshi

Open beta has begun!

First 100 eligible beta testers receive 1 free tournament play!! (2000 Flying Satoshi)

Forget those provably fair Bitcoin games. Flying Satoshi is a game of skill with an entry fee and tournament prizes! Easy to play and hard to master, tournaments last 3 minutes each with a 2 minute warm up time in between each tournament. Entry fees range from 2,000- 20,000 Flying Satoshi coins (.001 – .01 BTC) depending on the tournament room you are in. If you are interested in how the payouts work, check out our FAQ!

Flying Satoshi runs in a browser plugin with the Unity web player. After downloading the Unity web player, your browser will prompt you to allow the plugin to run. Please allow the plugin to always run on this site. If you have any further problems with the Unity web player, please contact us and we will assist you.

Games of Skill are not legal in every state so please check our Terms of Service to verify they are legal in your state along with the age requirement to participate. Regardless of your state or age, everybody is allowed to participate in the practice games that take place along side of the tournaments so you can see how you stack up to tournament players.

Check out our News page to keep up to date with up to date information on what’s happening in Flying Satoshi land!